OFFLINE Universal Acoustics Mercury 3 Solar System, Burg and Charcoal

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OFFLINE Universal Acoustics Mercury 3 Solar System, Burg and Charcoal


The Mercury 3 Solar System Kit by Universal Acoustics provides not only sophisticated engineering in effective sound absorption, but contemporary design that can slide seamlessly into any domestic or professional environment. .

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The Universal Acoustics Mercury 3 Solar System Kit is manufactured in the UK to high industrial standards, achieving a competitive 86 Noise Reduction Coefficient. Whereas the Mercury Wedge tile is intended to be mounted on walls and ceilings for the absorption of mid to high frequency audio, the Mercury Bass Traps use sophisticated engineering to prevent low frequency reverberation in the corners of rooms.

On top of this, the Mercury Wedge Tile and the Mercury 600 Bass Traps are made to the UL94 HFI fire safety specification, ensuring reliability not only in acoustic performance but in safety as well. Included in this package is the Universal Acoustics Space Mist Spray adhesive which is quick and easy to apply using its adjustable nozzle .

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Features and Specifications

  • Material: High density polyester based foam
  • Installation: Easy installation on most surfaces using Cosmic Fluid liquid adhesive Space Mist spray adhesive
  • Colours: Available in Charcoal, Burgundy & Charcoal, Purple & Charcoal
  • Compatibility: Can be effectively used alongside other acoustic treatment products.
  • Includes:
    • 20 x Mercury Wedge Tiles (600 x 600 x 50mm)
    • 4 x Mercury 300 Bass Traps (600 x 300)
    • 2 x Space Mist Adhesive Spray (500ml)
    • Free Installation Guide