DISC Percussion Plus PP791-1 Wak-a-Tube Chromatic Set

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  • Fun and Easy to Play
  • Ideal For Kids
  • Music Education Tool
  • Lightweight

DISC Percussion Plus PP791-1 Wak-a-Tube Chromatic Set

The Percussion Plus Wak! a Tubes are hugely popular with schools and music groups. These brightly coloured, versatile tubes can be played with a beater, struck against each other or tapped on almost anything to create a wide range of sounds. They are ideal for groups looking to create harmonies together.

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Children will love these simple and inexpensive music tubes. They are a great way to begin to understand music and children can usually create simple tunes within minutes. They encourage team building, group participation, improved eye contact and co-ordination. They are lightweight so easily transportable and when played, the tubes are relatively quiet so ideal for playing in places which need minimal noise disruption.

The colours of these Wak! a Tubes match with the other products in the Percussion Plus Colour & Play range, including the Chime Bar set and Combi Bells, which all follow ChromaPlay, a colour method in which colour coded notes correspond to specific notes of the music. This method allows players who cannot read music to play along without difficulty and for the instruments in this range to be played together with ease. The Wak! a Tune book provides colour coded sheet music that can be played with this entire range.

The Chromatic Set accompanies the diatonic set of 8 notes to make a fully chromatic set.


  • Note range C#41, D#43, F#46, G#48, A#50
  • Length inclusive between 30cm and 60cm