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The Fender Vintera Series is the New Vintage-Inspired Guitar Range from Fender.

Fender Vintera 2019 Electric Guitars and Basses
Fender Vintera 2019 Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars
The Fender Vintera Series is the New Vintage-Inspired Guitar Range from Fender.

Built in Ensenada, Mexico, the Fender Vintera Series promises fantastic sounds, looks, and playability for the money. Get classic looks with your choice of either vintage or modern playing feel.

For many players, the vintage aesthetic is the best thing about Fender. The new Vintera Series incorporates Fender’s classic designs in a huge range of new guitars.

While every Fender Vintera guitar features a vintage aesthetic, players can choose whether they prefer the classic playability of a ‘Vintage Spec’ model, or the modern playability of a ‘Modified’ model. The Vintera Series incorporates a huge wide range of iconic Fender models including the Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, and Mustang Bass.

Built in Ensenada, Mexico, the new Vintera Series offers fantastic value for money. We’re predicting that this new range will be extremely popular with players who love the classic Fender aesthetic and want something more accessible than a USA-made Fender.

Fender Vintera - Vintage Spec

The Fender Vintera Vintage Spec guitars are modern-day recreations of Fender’s classic back-catalogue of guitars. Fender has created these models to offer the looks, sounds, and the feel of a vintage guitar.

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Along with classic colours and tinted necks, the Vintera Vintage Spec models feature vintage-style playing specifications including era-specific pickups, era-specific neck profiles, a 7.25”-radius fingerboard, and vintage frets.

This combination of vintage looks, playing specs and pickup choices ensure you’ll get the true vintage experience.

Fender Vintera - Modified

The Fender Vintera guitars with “Modified” specifications are designed to combine the looks of a vintage Fender guitar with the playability of a modern instrument.

While the vintage colours and neck tints will keep players happy on the design front, the Modified guitar’s modern specifications offer a contemporary playing feel with hotter tones. The Vintera Modified guitars are spec’d with a Modern “C” neck shape, topped with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard and medium jumbo frets for a smooth playability.

These guitars also provide more modern tones than the “Vintage Spec” Vintera guitars, courtesy of the new “Hot” vintage-style pickups and Special Switching.

If you’re seeking the looks of a classic Fender guitar but you aren’t willing to sacrifice a modern playability, the Vintera Modified series is the perfect range for you.

Period-Correct Playing Specifications

The Vintera Series features guitar models that take inspiration from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Each guitar includes a period-correct neck profile and uniquely-voiced pickups.

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Tim Shaw Pickups

Any mention of Tim Shaw (pickup-making master) is enough to spark our interest. Players will be excited to hear, then, that Tim Shaw has been brought on-board for the new Vintera series. Tim Shaw’s new era-specific pickups feature different blends of wire and magnet materials to get the perfect sound for each guitar model.

Tim Shaw has also re-designed and re-voiced the Wide Range Humbucker pickup – featured on many models throughout the family and known for its full frequency response.

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 25 Jun 2019 08:58 to category : Instruments News

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Built in Ensenada, Mexico, the Fender Vintera Series promises fantastic sounds, looks, and playability for the money. Get classic looks with your choice of either vintage or modern playing feel.

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