Handheld Audio Recorders

Handheld Audio Recorders offer a portable, lightweight solution for location recording purposes. Usually consisting of two condenser microphones they are capable of producing high fidelity stereo recordings. They are most commonly used for sound design, field recordings, vocal recordings, and can even be used for recording instruments such as acoustic guitar or drum overheads.

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Handheld Audio Recorders

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About Handheld Recorders

Handheld recorders feature built in condenser mics to provide high quality renderings of live events. These compact solutions, such as the Yamaha Pocketrak C24, have high capacity on board storage, being expandable with SD cards. Some recorders, like the Zoom Q3, offers superb video recording in addition to audio.

For more serious on site recording, Fostex and Edirol’s field mixers are specifically designed for applications such as TV and radio work.

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