DISC Yamaha CLP465 Grand Piano, Polished White with Matching Bench

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  • Yamaha CLP-465 Grand Piano, Polished White
  • Yamaha's Real Grand Expression
  • 88 Graded Hammer Keys
  • Sleek and Elegant Compact Body
  • Includes Matching Bench

DISC Yamaha CLP465 Grand Piano, Polished White with Matching Bench


The CLP-465GP brings the perfect piano sound to your home or studio. The Graded Hammer Effect keyboard provides an impeccable touch, while the high-quality, realistic sounds are generated by using Yamaha's Real Grand Expression for perfection in every note you play.

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Yamaha's Real Grand Expression

The sound, touch and pedals of the CLP-465 grand piano all combine to give you the sensation of playing a concert grand piano. The RGE Sound Engine is responsible for delivering ultimate expressive capabilities for the CLP series. The new smooth release function expresses sound with great clarity and allows clear enunciation of staccato notes and lingering resonance when the keys are released gently. It allows you to fully capture the nuances and essence of an acoustic piano performance with the versatility and convenience of a digital piano.

Damper Resonance produces broad and deep resonance when the pedal is used. This results in a realistic sound with subtle differences in pedal use all affecting the sound produced. This ensures you can enjoy playing impressionistic pieces, such as Debussy or Ravel, where half pedal expression can be important.

Perfect Piano Voices

Accurate sampling of a Yamaha Grand Piano's tones for their entire length, played at different strengths, gives you a full arsenal of true to life piano sounds to experiment with. The 128 note polyphony then lets you play complex or faster pieces without any notes dropping out. As well as the traditional grand piano voices the Yamaha CLP-465 has a wide range of distinctive voices for a range of genres including classical, jazz and pop. These voices are carefully designed and programmes so each time you play you can enjoy the perfect tone without having to make any adjustments.

One of the great things about a digital piano is that you are able to adjust the volume when quieter practice is preferred. On some models when the volume is tuned down you lose some clarity in sound, especially treble and bass. On a Yamaha Clavinova the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) function automatically adjusts levels so you can enjoy perfect tone even at lower levels.

Authentic Graded Hammer 3 Keyboard

The touch of the CLP-465 keyboard has been designed to make you forget you're playing a digital piano. the secret behind this superior keyboard is that the same hammer system and spring-less mechanism has been used as on a grand piano. Yamaha's unique three sensor system accurately senses and interprets your touch. The synthetic ivory keytops are designed to cling firmly to your fingertips, giving added grip and natural friction. This gives extra ease of playing in long performances or practice sessions and also makes the keytops extremely easy to clean.

All 88 keys are also equipped with keyboard stabilizers which let you play with a natural touch, improves stability and durability. The distance from the tip of the key to the fulcrum is also extremely long. This means that you can play pieces that use many black keys, even when pressing a white key near its base, and the key will sink softly maintaining delicate nuances of soft and hard key strokes.

Digital Versatility

As well as being compact and not requiring tuning there are a number of extra features which makes digital pianos so attractive to the modern piano player. Superior volume adjustment, headphone sockets and a metronome are just a few of these. The ability to record is also a big factor for many pianists. The recording process on the CLP-465 is quick and easy. Use it to evaluate your practice sessions or capture performances. You can record with the touch of a button and even do two track recording which lets you record the parts for your different hands separately. You can also store them on a USB device.

The 50 stored songs include a selection of popular piano pieces which are great for lessons. Reduce their tempo and play along or play back only the right hand part so you can practice the left. When you own a Yamaha Clavinova you also get access to a wide selection of scores, songs and other musical content online at Yamaha Online Services.

The Panel Reveal Key Cover lets you perform with all signs of technology on the control panel hidden away. It also adds to the traditional piano design of the CLP-465 grand piano. The body shape is elegant and impressive and will look great in home or studio. The finish is scratch, humidity and temperature resistant with a deep and brilliant luster.


"When I first tried playing the CLP, I was surprised by its lovely tone - it really makes the instrument a joy to play. The enjoyment comes from the sound responding exactly as I intend it to. It truly does offer the fun so typical of Clavinova instruments, and I found it honestly enthralling." Yuko Nakamichi, Professional Pianist


  • Keyboard: 88-key Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard

  • Tone Generation:
    • Piano Sound: RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine
    • Piano Effects: Smooth Release, Damper Resonance
  • Polyphony: (max) 128
  • Voice Selection: 14
  • Dual / Split: Yes / -
  • Pedals: 3 (Damper with half pedal effect, Sostenuto, Soft)
  • Effects: Reverb / Chorus / Effect / DSP Reverb: 4 Preset / Effect: 4 Preset
  • Brilliance: 5
  • Preset Songs: 14 (Voice Demo), 50 (Piano)
  • No. of Recording Songs: 10
  • Record Tracks: 2
  • USB Audio Recorder Playback: WAV
  • Recording: WAV
  • Flash Memory: (Internal) 1.5 MB
  • USB Flash Memory: YES
  • Others: (via USB TO DEVICE) Floppy Disk (2HD, 2DD), Memory Card (SmartMedia, etc.) with External Adapter
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Display: 7-segment LED
  • Other Functions: Transpose, Tuning, Scale Type, etc.
  • USB TO HOST: YES (1)
  • Other Connectors: PHONES x 2, MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU), AUX IN (L / L+R, R), AUX OUT (L / L+R, R)
  • Amplifiers: 40 W x 2
  • Speakers: (16 cm + 5 cm) x 2, [(6 5/16" + 1 15/16") x 2]
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control: (IAC) YES
  • Power Consumption: 45 W
  • Colour Variation: White Mini Grand Cabinet
  • Key Cover: Sliding, Panel Reveal Key Cover
  • Music Rest: Folding
  • Headphone Hanger: Yes
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) (with the Music Rest / Lid up)
    • 1429 x 1146 x 930 mm [56 1/4" x 45 1/8" x 36 5/8"]
    • 1429 x 1146 x 1402 mm [56 1/4" x 45 1/8" x 55 3/16"]
  • Weight: 98.0 kg (216 lbs., 1 oz)

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