DISC Beyerdynamic OPUS 66 Dynamic Mic, For Snare, Rack & Floor Tom

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  • Compact Form Factor
  • Super Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Ideal For Tom Toms

DISC Beyerdynamic OPUS 66 Dynamic Mic, For Snare, Rack & Floor Tom


The Opus 66 has been designed as a percussion microphone and is perfect for miking snare, toms, cymbals, congas and bongos etc. Accurate sound reproduction is assured with the strengthened Macrolon diaphragm.

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The Opus 66 rejects mechanical and handling noise making it ideal for mounting on drum hardware. The microphone mount ensures optimal positioning to suit both musician and sound engineer. The Opus 66 has a very impressive and accurate pick-up of percussive sounds with a transparent reproduction. Featuring a strengthened Macrolon? diaphragm which is extremely stiff at the point where the coil winding is attached to the diaphragm. This extra stiffness ensures accuracy of reproduction and low distortion. Because the Opus 66 is a dynamic microphone, no external power supply is required.

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Further Specs:

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Excellent transient behaviour
  • Extremely high gain before feedback
  • Extremely high SPL
  • Small, rugged construction
  • Special microphone mount
  • Insensitive to handling noise


  • Transducer type: Dynamic
  • Operating principle: Pressure gradient
  • Frequency response: 50 - 15,000 Hz
  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • Open circuit voltage: 2.5 mV/Pa
  • Max. SPL: > 140 dB
  • Magnetic field suppression: > 20 dB at 50 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 300 ohms
  • Load impedance: 1 kiloohms
  • Connection: 3-pin XLR male
  • Dimensions: Length: 75 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 24/30 mm
  • Head diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 93 g