DISC TC Electronic Bass Amp Combo Classic

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DISC TC Electronic Bass Amp Combo Classic


The new TC Electronic ComboClassic delivers pure tone and power by offering you easy access to a wide range of classic tones, all via a versatile vintage tone control section. As with all of TC ELectronic's combos, the ComboClassic features an amp head based around our award-winning RH450 amp matched with TC customized Eminence drivers and tweeter. The results? A rich, warm and classic sound from a package with some incredible features that will take your sound to a new level.

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ComboClassic's TubeTone control section delivers all of the rich characteristics of a full-on tube amp while SpectraComp delivers more bite and punch than any other bass amp compressor by allowing 'per string' compression.

ComboClassic has also been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. You get easy access to the amp head to remove it and swap it with others in the range or simply use it on its own outside of the combo.

The amp delivers an impressive 450 Watts of power and includes our Active Power Management system so you get maximum power impact and a combo that behaves like a tube amp at full blast. In short you won't find these features in any other combo!

ComboClassic's two customized Eminence 10" drivers and a 1" tweeter are all housed in a vertical 18mm hard-wearing plywood cabinet with a pull-up handle and wheels so you can easily take this combo anywhere you like.

It has a speaker breakout connection to add additional cabinets and, as with any other TC Electronic amp, any combo can drive a combination of any three TC cabinets. Also, as the combo utilizes our 'stackability' system, it can be expanded in a variety of ways. Add a brand new RS112 or RS210 by vertically stacking the cabinets, or even add an RS212 and RS410 for the ultimate power combo for those larger gigs.

With ComboClassic you have rich sounds within a very flexible and easy to use combo. In short it's the ideal package for classic bass tones.


    Vintage Tone Control:

    These four straight forward Vintage tone controls are carefully designed to grab your bass sound where it makes a difference. With great inspiration from a range of classic bass amp designs, the Vintage Tone control section is all you an wish for in simplicity and great sound.


    Most transistor designs have tried to replicate the tube sound using one small pre-amp tube, but they generally fail as they don?t take into account the crucial characteristics of the full pre-amp and power amp sections - both of which are essential to the sound. TubeTone emulates every characteristic to deliver the full tube sound.

    Spectra Comp

    Most bass players know that integrated compressors generally don't sound that good. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but Classic450's SpectraComp technology allows virtually 'per string' compression that evens out the compression across all strings.

    Wide range instrument input

    Classic450 accepts any bass with any pickup system. The gain range on Classic450's input stage is wide enough to cover both Active and Passive pickup instruments.

    Integrated Linedriver

    Quality can vary wildly with built-in linedrivers, but Classic450's linedriver is transformer balanced and galvanically isolated from the rest of the amp, which means no ground loops or hum. And don?t worry about long cable runs -Classic450 will draw at least 100m of cable with no drop in audio quality. The line driver output features a pre/post switch that allows you to select where the audio tap is placed; before or after the pre-amp section.

    Output and Linedriver Mute

    The Mute switch allows you to instantly silence your amp while tuning, changing instruments or simply taking a break.

    Tuner Out

    Connect your tuner and tune up. The Tuner out always feeds signal to your tuner even when the front panel mute switch shuts off the speaker and linedriver output. This allows you to tune up in silence.

    Effects Loop

    The effects loop allows you to insert effects of your choice between the Pre amp and power amp section. The Effects loop also allows you to link two amps together using the Pre-amp out and Power amp in connectors.

    World-ready Power Supply

    The ultimate in convenience for the traveling musician. The built-in power supply operates from 90 to 240 Volts, making life a lot easier for the musician on the road as there's no complicated fuse changing - just plug and play!

    Active Power Management

    The high power output level of Classic450 is accomplished by using Class D amplifier technology in combination with TC Electronic's Active Power Management. APM effectively means that the amp behaves very much like a tube amp when getting close to maximum performance by optimizing the power impact, contrary to the hard clipping tendencies of transistor amps and most other Class D.


    The versatility of Classic450 wouldn't really make sense if it came in an oversized, bulky box. Its stylish design with the smooth grab'n'go handle just spells out portability. It sets your creativity free and screams for you to bring it along wherever your bass talent takes you. Bring your own sound for whatever show or studio session you're involved in or jam out on the tour bus, at the hotel room, at home - and hey, it works for rehearsals too.

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