Way Huge Blue Hippo MkII Chorus Pedal

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  • Limited Edition - Only 900 Worldwide
  • Easy to Use Control Setup
  • Wide Range of Effects
  • Vibe Switch

Way Huge Blue Hippo MkII Chorus Pedal

The Blue Hippo MkII is a limited edition chorus pedal that retains the MkI's easy to use control setup with the addition of a Vibe switch for thick vibrato tone.

Product Ref: 56332

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Full Description

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The Way Huge WHE601 Blue Hippo Analogue Chorus is back! With its famously diverse range of liquefied, chorus tones-and then some.

The new Blue Hippo MkII keeps the MkI's straight up control setup, which easily takes you from lush chorus, to full-on rotary mod madness from the depths of the Mariana Trench.

But now there's a Vibe switch for adding some thick vibrato goodness to your watery tones.

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